Human Meta​-​Organisms: Endosymbiosis & Emergent Planetary Culture – Firefly Gathering 2015

by Michael Garfield

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Recorded in the Light Lab Creations Dome at Firefly Gathering, Flagstaff, Arizona, 13 June 2015.


1 - It’s not that history ends, so much that history blooms.

What it means to be moving from the modern self to the post-historical self.

We move from being totally possessed by a story, to those stories existing within us, and becoming a toolkit for relating to the complex landscape of our experience.

2 - If there’s no outside, there’s no inside.

You can’t really talk about the future in any meaningful way without anchoring the narrative as deeply in the past.

Our expectations depend entirely on our ability to recognize patterns, which depends entirely on our ability to hold our attention on this moment.

3 - Love does not require a relationship between separate selves in order to exist.

The self is something that the world is doing. And the self is an adaptation to a specific set of ecological circumstances. It’s not a fixed point.

4 - How to hold both sides of a paradox by adding a dimension.

Over time that cooperation becomes hard-wired and a new set of eyes opens up.

5 - You can think of Babylon as a higher octave of that first cell with a nucleus.

The history of human knowledge seems to be like a guy in America and a guy in Australia and they’re on the phone flushing their toilets and arguing about which way the toilet flushes.

We’re already over the rainbow.

To talk about this time in the life of the Earth as the human age is not anthropocentric. It’s not arrogant. It’s an act of our growing humility in recognition that we are a phenomenon of the planet’s automatic processes. That a city is something that the planet is doing.

This whole ecofascist idea that we’re killing the planet? That’s actually residual nonsense of the idea that we are actually separate from the planet.

We are radically non-separate from this planet. And everything we do…is going to affect the rest of that planetary self we are.

6 - It’s not that all boundaries have dissolved, but that boundaries have reorganized.

Whether you regard a phenomenon as an act of creation or an act of destruction depends entirely on how you frame the situation and whether you’re attached to that thing that was, or the thing that will be.

7 - Cultural trends and perspectives tend to flow along economic lines.

“Artificial” is an increasingly useless word.

Whenever we have a new revelation, it tends to emerge from the basest drive and proceed up.

The first space race, at least in the public imagination, was a survival situation. It was about the US versus Russia. The second space race that we have will be a second chakra space race. It will be motivated by the territorial drive to conquer another world – you know, asteroid mining – or it will be recognized as a sexual act, inseminating a new world with life, terraforming it. The higher reflection of that would be this tantric embrace.

8 - Where to go for more information.

We’ll probably all be so connected that we’ll take vacations in self. “Transcendental meditation” will be to go be a person.


released June 13, 2015

Album Art by David Titterington |
Talk by Michael Garfield |




Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

Free-roaming talks on evolution, mind, technology, and soul that show the islands of experience to be the underwater continent they are – reminding us that everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice.

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