On Our Narratives of Evolution, Past & Future

by Michael Garfield

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Recorded at The Sacred Embodiment Center in Asheville, NC on 7 August 2012.


"The Singularity really only means this horizon of incomprehensibility. It means this point beyond which we cannot imagine. And that point is constantly moving! And in fact, it's not one point; it's different for everyone, because we all exist of a different biochemical and electromagnetic constitution. None of us are exactly the same pattern, and so therefore the horizon of our sensibility varies slightly, from model to model."

"The Grey alien, I find uniquely compelling, because it really does represent this isomorphic projection into the future of what we currently understand as the trend in [human] evolution leading up to this moment – which is that we become sexually mature adults at earlier and earlier phases of development."

"If we are going to use the dominant idea of our current culture and talk about things in terms of information, then the entity that we describe as the internet has to be regarded as a much more complex, and intricate, and dynamic informational entity than any human being, or community of human beings, and therefore in some sense transcendental to us."

"Our relationship to the alien other [is intimate with] our story about the self as the continual rolling, catastrophic accumulation of order through the 'trans-clusion' of the prior levels of individual agency into these greater and greater aggregates of selfhood that are comprised of an ever-richer ecology of sustaining processes."

"We are in the middle of a conflagration of Earth-consciousness, and the only reason we have to complain that it's not happening fast enough is because we ourselves, from the perspective that is making that complaint, are not inhabiting the Earth-consciousness; we're rushing, because we're not capable of zooming out from the human life frame to view these things on the cosmic timescale where this is actually an instantaneous transition! This is something that is going to be scarcely recorded in the fossil record at all."


released August 7, 2012




Michael Garfield Austin, Texas

Free-roaming talks on evolution, mind, technology, and soul that show the islands of experience to be the underwater continent they are – reminding us that everything is equally art, science, and spiritual practice.

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